PS4 Update: Stream your PS4 screen to iOS Devices

Playstation has updated to 6.50 and now with new PS4 Update: Now you can stream your PS4 screen to iOS devices. PS4 firmawre adds a remote play and 720p streaming feature in the new 6.50 patch and its live.

Playstation official twitter account tweeted that you can now stream your PS4 games to your iOS devices with the PS4 6.40 update! Download the PS4 Remote Play app from the app store to start!

With this new update, you can now use your phone as a controller of PS4 such as a keyboard to enter texts, your phone’s microphone for chatting and controlling your console menu.

Playstation 4 System Software Update Features:

  • Main Features in Version 6.50 is that you can now use Remote Play on iOS devices. You can use PS4 Remote Play to connect to PS4 system from device such as smartphones and tablets. App can be downloaded From the App Store.
  • Other Feature in Version 6.50 are that you can now choose 720p when you boradcast using Niconico Live. Which is only available in limited countries and regions. You can also change the button assignments to perfrom Enter operation from “O” button to “X” button of the controller.

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