Apex Legend: Honest Review

Game: Apex Legend
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Respawn
Release Date: February 4, 2019
Price: Free to play

As obvious, Battle Royale is the trending genre in gaming nowadays and a lot of games are doing pretty well but Battle Royale games are constantly struggling to work out on bugs, balancing and server issues.

Meanwhile, developer Respawn launched their new title “Apex Legend” Battle Royale genre based game and one thing is for sure that Apex Legend is currently doing extremely well.

The feel of the game is very smooth and gameplay is somewhat similar to Titanfall 2 but is not Titanfall 3. Apex Legend is a completely different game compared to Titanfall 2.

Currently Apex legend is only offering a 3-stack squad/trio with a total of 20 squads or 60 players jumping in a game.

In future, developers might add modes like solo, duo and 4-stack squad but for now, there are no leaks and intel about new modes.

The concept of Apex Legend is similar to other Battle Royale games but the way developers brought is very unique.

Apex Legend is an actual team-based Battle Royale game where team work is required to be the last man standing.

What I liked the most about Apex Legend are the Legends. Legends are basically playable characters.

Each Legend abilities are different from the other one and each ability effects the gameplay for you and your enemies.

At the start of the game, players can choose between 8 different Legends. Six Legends are free and two of the Legends (Mirage and Caustic). Which can be unlocked by buying Apex currency or by playing the game and ranking up to get Apex currency.

It took me around 14-15 hours to earn enough Apex currency to unlock one Legend.

Buying both Legends with real money will cost about $20 (with $5 worth of currency left for in-game cosmetics). The choice is yours!

Another new feature in game is the ping system. Players can ping inventory items, loot, locations, enemies etc. for teammates. I found this feature very useful and helps a lot in finding loot, fights and going to new locations etc.

Apex Legend is mostly about teamwork and the teamwork is way better than other Battle Royale games teamwork even if you’re playing with a random.

The map is fantastic and each Legend is unique have cool abilities. Apex has the capability to beat Fortnite’s dominance and control on the Battle Royale genre.


A fabulous Battle Royale game with special heros and excellent communication system. Polished and smooth game mechanics!

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