Advanced Fortnite Battle Royale Building Tips & Tricks!

Fortnite is still at the top chart of multiplayer game and its always introducing new seasons, items and challenges. Its still trending for more than a year but if you still don’t know how to become a pro and how to build like a pro? This article got your back!
Building covers has always being an amazing skill in fortnite and you can just level up your game by mastering the building skills. You always wanted to become like those pros who have showed some insane skills during online streams while playing fortnite in the community? Below given are the pro building tips and the skills Porfessionals has mastered and use to get Victories!

Advanced Building Tips & Tricks.

Build immediately when someone shots at you, Players often try to find out who fired and try to knockout enemy but they got killed finding the enemy who is already aiming at you. To save the life, build cover as soon as you are targeted with enemy fire!

Put Windows in your build to sneak out and use them to target enemies and get good kills!

Trying to See through the walls by using the edit building mode which makes the walls go transparent and you can see through them.
Build a base on roof or your structures so you can get in higher and good potential position to aim and knockout enemies.

Use Metals, Bricks for constructing the Outer Walls of your structues and use wood inside the base like building ramps, floors, etc. The strong walls outside will protect from incoming fire more than wooden planks. It will also save more strong buildables.

Build a Cover before Shooting even if you are good position, this will allow you to have a safe cover and you can aim at your enemy with ease and safety.

Build a Pyramid on the top of your base roof, it will give you alot of protection.

Keep Moving, Always! this is the most important tip in every single shooting game ever made. As it is harder to aim at the moving objects, just keep moving as you progress through the game.

Try staying at higher places, higher the ground stornger the position is and its also difficult for other player to aim at you while you can aim them easily from above and get good kills!

Learn to Build a base with Wall & Ramps in Ziag Zag pattern. This type of base can protect you for longer as you put a wall first then a ramp behind it and repeat it as many time as you can, this gives an enemy a hard time to sneak through those walls which will also make them lose their ammos and you can easily get under cover or knock out enemy as soon as he sneaks in.

These are some famous building techniques every pro uses, master these and you will find significant upgrade in your gameplay skills!

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