Respawning Might Coming to Fortnite

Fortnite players, before the Season 8’s launch, found the evidance tha the Respawning Might Coming to Fortnite. According to some data miners and fans this feature might come to the game. Which they say that its inspired by the game Apex Legends.

Epic Games also confirmed they are considering on the respawning in Fortnite. They were inspired by the Apex Legends Pinging and it was added in Fortnite too. So just like Apex Legends, Fortnite might also add respawning to the game.

Players believe, if Respawn will be added to the Fortnite it will be a great feature. Just like Apex Legends, it will work the same way in Fortnite. Players who will be knock out will be given another chance in the game by dropping a card. This will take them to the respawning vans. Where they can start playing again in the same game they were knocked out before.

It is not confirmed yet if the respawn will be added to the game or how it will work. But there are alot of chances of the feature to be added.

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