Is Google Stadia Future of Gaming?

Games are evolving very rapidly. So the gaming platform companies are introducing new technologies. Google has launched next generation gaming platform Google Stadia. And everybody is considering it a next generation gaming platform. So, is Google Stadia Future of Gaming?

What is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia allows users to play game directly on their web browsers and on any internet connected devices. It is basically a streaming service which allows you to play games on any of your device e.g. Consoles, Computers, Mobile Phones, etc. The game and the hardware which is running the games are in cloud and you only need to connect to it via internet. This means you don’t need any updates, new patch downloads, hardware requirements, no download waiting, nothing. It will also offer you cross platform compatibility. With just an internet connected device and you can start playing game anywhere in the world. Or you can continue on your mobile phone, from where you left playing last time on your console or PC. Google Stadia will let you play games in 4K with HDR at 60fps or even at 8K and 120fps if your device supports this resolution.

Google Stadia Pricing?

Pricing of Google Stadia is unclear yet but it will be on monthly subscription basis.

Will there be any Stadia Console?

Google Stadia will be only available online on clouds rather than any Console or Hardware. However, there will be a special controller for Google Stadia to let players enjoy the smooth game play.

Google is also teaming up with various game developers to offer the top ranked AAA games on their new upcoming service, Stadia. It is expected to be launched later this year.

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