Fortnite Season 8: Everything we know!

Epic Games extended the end date of Fortnite Season 7 by two weeks and it will end on February 28. Now its time for Fortnite Season 8.

Fortnite season 8 is expecting to go live on Thursday, February 28. The same day Fortnite season 7 is ending. Big changes are about to happen as season 8 hits Fortnite.

There is no trailer releases yet for season 8 by Epic Games. Developer Epic Games usually launches the trailer when the season goes live. Which means we’ll get a season 8 trailer when it goes live.

Fortnite seasons brings a new theme and environment to the map. During seasons, new areas appears on the map like Frosty Flights and Polar Peak in Season 7.

Season 6 was spooky theme focusing the halloween event. But Season 7 was centred around ice and snow and turned the map into a winter wonderland. Leaks and rumours shows that it’ll be a warmer climate this season and will involve springtime.

Season 8 begins with tearing apart the island and earthquakes. The teasers so far shows that the upcoming season will feature Pirates and dragons. We’ve seen dragon gliders in the item shop previous week.

Season 8 will go live on Thursday, February 28. There is still a chance to avail your free battle pass by completing the overtime challenges. We have a complete guide of the Fortnite’s overtime challenges.

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