Fortnite Revenue Drops by 50%

Fortnite being still at the top in the whole world as it has made the record for most concurrent player counts lately. But still some graphs are gowing down.

Some reports shows that the Fortnite has been dropped by 48% in Revenue in January, after making the record in December. You might be thinking its beccause of Apex Legends release. But the Apex Legends is not the reason for Fortnite revenue drop. As it was release in February.

This can be due to various reasons. The Battle Pass for Season 7 was sold out in Decemeber and there was nothing to buy in January else than skins. Or may be the skins were not worth buying for. The Ice Storm event that held in January had reskins of Last Halloween.

In the month of February, Fortnite really gave alot after the Revenue Dropped January. First it was the concurrent player record setting Marshmello Concert which had 10 Million Active Players. Then another Regular Concurrent Record was made that is 7 Million Active Players numbers.

Fortnite Marshmello COncert - No Survey No verification
Fortnite: Marshmello Showtime

Now Fortnite is offering a free Battle Pass for Season 8 to player. By just completing some overtime Challenges you can get new season 8 battle pass absolutely free. This can be due to develope intrest among players

back in the game after the successful release of Apex Legends.

This offer means that players are likely to engage more in the game. Secondly, Players with battle pass may end up buying their tier boosts. If they can’t get it manually they may buy it so they get to tier 100.

Fortnite Future: Overview

We can’t tell yet if the Apex Legends has any effect on the Fortnite’s revenue. We have to wait for it. Fortnite is so big that if its revenue in 2019 drops by 1/3rd as compared to 2018, it will be still billion of dollars. So we can’t really say the fall of the game is near. Its still going great and continues to be Super!

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