Fortnite Marshmello’s Showtime Fortnite Event: Challenges Guide and Rewards

Marshmello’s Showtime event is now live in Fortnite, giving every player a total of three challenges for 3 days (1 per day) to unlock exclusive, unique and limited time items.

These challenges will be added to your Challenges tab once you launch the Fortnite Battle Royale. If the challenges don’t appear, reload the game and check your internet connection.

To complete these challenges and help out the community, here’s a guide we created which explains what you need to do for each challenge. Claim your reward before it’s too late!

DAY ONE: Search a Showtime Poster (0/1) – Reward: Mello Made It Right Spray

It is still not sure how many posters are out there in the map but the one I prefer can be founded by Pleasant Park.

If you don’t want to land in Pleasant Park then you can found one in Loot Lake and in Fatal Fields. Good luck!

DAY TWO: Visit the Showtime Venue (0/1) – Reward: Keep it Mello Emote

The second challenge is to visit the Showtime venue. It is also in the Pleasant Park.

To be more specific and accurate, you can find it in the football fields in the Pleasant Park.

Pro tip: Land towards Pleasant Park and collect the poster and then head towards the football fields. You’ll complete two out of three challenges in a blink!

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