Is Fortnite Copying Apex Legends?

Battle Royale started a few years ago in the games like DayZ, H1Z1 and Rust. But Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) have taken this genre to the whole next level. PUBG got popular as the game sold 50 Million combined copies on PCs and Consoles. And Fortnite Battle Royale even got huge traffic than the rival PUBG. Both Games are even available on the mobile devices and has Millions of Players on various platforms. But recently Apex Legends, a successful first person shooter battle royal game has launched successfully. Which is now considered a Rival to the much hyped Fortnite. Both games are now in rivalary accroding to the players and Epic Games, publishers of Fortnite are now introducing new things in their game inspired by the Apex Legends. So is Fortnite Copying Apex Legends? is the hot topic these days!

Fortnite copied some of the features of the Apex Legends such as idea of adding a Respawn to the game. Fortnite is even copying the ping system from the Apex Legends. The Apex Legends is just released. Release of the game made Epic Games to bring some changes to their already superstar game, Fortnite. Which means that the Epic is taking alot of inspiration by the new game.

Fortnite was first created by following the footsteps of PUBG. Everyone in 2017 wanted a PUBG but Fortnite was the game which tops the list in this genre of Battle Royale. Apex Legends came up with too much new stuff that Fortnite is following them. So just like the Ping System in Fortnite after the launch of Apex Legends, there are many other new stuff coming to the game which is already in Apex Legends.

Fortnite Copying Apex Legengs for their Future?

Fortnite first took inspirations from PUBG now they are doing this from Apex Legends. They want to put everything in their game as the plan of their future. So to the question, Is Fortnite copying Apex Legends, we can say YES.

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