Fortnite Bans 1200 World Cup Players for Cheating

Recently Epic announcing on their ongoing event Fortnite World Cup that Fortnite Bans 1200 World Cup Players for cheating in the game during the first online week of the tournament.

Fortnite entered into whole new era of E-Sports announcing Tournaments worth Millions. Fortnite recently announced the World Cup in which players cheated and got banned by the Epic. The company reveals that 1,163 players are ban for two weeks for bypassing regional restrictions. 196 of the players even lost the prizes they won in the event as a result of cheating. 48 Players are ban from sharing their account.

Some players banned as favoring and making alliances with the opponent teams. There is a player who reached semi-finals but was permanently banned from the game after he were caught using cheat software.

Fortnite Finals will take place on 26th of July and still there is a long way to go. Epic Games are making sure the tournament goes fair and the winners should play fairly. It is a very good step to make the world cup clean and winnings on merit.

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