Become Champion in Apex Legends

In Apex Legends a tutorial in the start gives you enough explanation which tells you how to play a game. It tells you about how to use characters abilities. While easy to use inventory system is there in the game for finding the attachments and weapons effectively. But there are certain Tips to become a Champion in Apex Legends, didn’t tell you about!

Tips List

1. Replay Tutorial to Become champion in Apex Legends

If you are new to the game and need yourself to practice a bit you can play the tutorial anytime. Playing a tutorial is a safe place to enhance your skills. Which also allows you to test weapons, even from the legendary tier. You can learn and upgrade your skills like movements, shooting weapons and much more.

2. Squad Chat to Become champion in Apex Legends

In Apex Legend Squad chat is not only the way to communicate with your mates in the game. But it also tells you all the information about the Squad that who’s out of the ring. Wraith on your squad tells your other team mates if any enemy is hiding or baiting near you. Let your team knows about the muttering information Wraith is giving you. By hitting the prompted button on your screen you can convey the Wraith message to your squad.

3. Breaching Doors as champion in Apex Legends

If some squad has shut the doors and hiding inside the building. Then don’t be afraid! Rather you can blow up the door your advantage and take down the enemies inside. Blowing up the doors with explosive not only fill a room with smoke but also gives your edge to disorient enemies inside. Which will make them an easy target.

4. Legendary Loots to Become champion in Apex Legends

Legendary (Yellow) Loots

Legendary Loots which are marked in yellow are the best as compared to white, blue and purple loots. It has special perks in it. Which means a fully recharging yellow shield will come with an executioner perk for an instance, if you manage to kill an enemy. This will also allow you to revive yourself one time without a need of your squad memeber.

5. You can block Doorways While you need Revive

When you are waiting for your team mate to revive you, while you are down. You can still crawl in the doorways to block the incoming enemies and knockout your friends.

6. Sniper Long Range Shots like a Champion

After the distance of 100 meters, gravity starts to act on the bullet and bullet angle drops down. Which also makes it difficult to aim at the enemies. But the numbers marked in a sniper scope got your back. On many scopes there are two things: A counter which tells range and A series of dots with number markings. To adjust bullet drops aim as: Use Dot Number “2” for 200 meters, Dot “3” for 300 meters and so on.

If you have any other tips to level up the game share with us. Tell us your thoughts on this by commenting down below!

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