Apex Legends First Battle Pass

Apex Legends First Battle Pass is live now which starts the first the new season for the new Battle Royale game. But players are not happy with the newly release battle pass.

First Apex Legends Battle Pass includes 90-Day progress bar, with some consumeables and Rewards. Some players are not happy to pay for this battle pass offerings. They say they have waited a whole Month & 2 Weeks for the skins and rewards. But for the players who have interest in loots, new battle pass from Respawn might be exciting.

Apex Legends First Battle Pass vs. Fortnite

Players are very disappointed with the Apex Legends First Battle Pass and now they are comparing the game with recent Fortnite Battle Pass. On Reddit, players are comparing the new Battle Pass with the game’s worst ever gun “Mozambique”. They say Fortnite new Battle Pass is far better than the Apex Legends’, which offers your legendary skins that tie into Game’s lore and says Apex Legends loots are just recolored. Rewards offered by Respawn in their New Battle Pass is something no players really cares about. Fortnite skins and emotes are far more better according to the players


Apex Legends First Battle Pass release looks like Respawn is not trying to engage people in the game with the pass. Game has been launched few weeks ago and players are flocking up into the game. The Game has reached 50 Million Players in so short time period after release. And new hero Octane, release is enough to engage the players in the game. On the other hand Fortnite, which is considered rival of the game, has so much more in their every battle passes. So some players are still signing up into the game. But some of the professional players are feeling bore with the game as their is nothing new unlike Fortnite.

Players are expecting Apex Legends to give a lot in their upcoming battle pass which is months away but according to the players it will be long enough for them to engage back into the game.

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