Anthem VIP demo: My experience playing ANTHEM DEMO

To be honest, Anthem demo isn’t giving me a good feeling to actually pre-order the game. Well, I’m not blaming the game but day one issue server still remains. In the six hours since Anthem VIP demo launched, I have only played for 30 minutes maybe less. The rest of the time I spent was staring at never ending loading screens and the error messages at the login screen. There are people I know personally who spammed the login buttons desperately hoping to get a chance to play the so called ‘VIP’ demo. At one point, Origin’s own server even crashed. EA and BioWare responded, saying that they’re working on getting more servers online. The question is, why those servers weren’t online at the initial time to begin the demo with? The Anthem VIP demo is available to those who are subscribed to Origin Access and those who pre-ordered the game and the three invitation codes were given to each account who is subscribed to Origin Access or pre-ordered the game. EA and BioWare should have had taken this into consideration before launching the VIP demo.
The good news is that the situation of server issues is improving. Near the ending hours of VIP demo, I was able to get into Anthem’s single player hub quite a few times but kept stuck in the loading screen of the mission “triple threat”. It was more like ‘beta’ version of the full game. Calling it a demo wouldn’t be appropriate. I’m quite sure that BioWare is trying their best to make it more stable for the open demo weekend coming 1st February (this Friday) but surely, they have spoiled the weekend for me and other gamers as well. Let’s hope this server issue don’t spoil upcoming weekend evenings for us.
For now, I’ll probably stick with what I’m playing and wait for the open demo weekend. I’m not convinced at all and won’t be pre-ordering the game for now and if things still remain this bad, Anthem will have these server issues on the release day as well which is 22nd February.
Stay tuned for more Anthem news!

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