Advanced Fortnite Battle Royale Tips & Tricks: Weapons & Fighting!

Ever think of teaching everyone some lessons while you play your favorite game, showcasing your amazing skills? In this article you will be Advanced Fortnite Battle Royale Tips & Tricks to become a Master, to play a game like Professionals!

1. Use SMGs

SMGs are always great options in every shooting game as they have greater firing rates, plentiful ammo and the gun deals with alot of damage. Due to amazing fire speed you can panic anyone with alot of incoming bullets.

2. Start killing from the beginning

If you ride the Battle Bus to the end you will get people away from keyboard or who are not playing the game. You can get easy extra kills while they stand still and do nothing in the game.

3. Learn the Quick Switch

Swithcing Weapons quickly can give you a great advantage while shooting at the enemy. When you are about to get empty on a mag of your gun you can quickly draw another gun and keep shooting at enemy.

4. Use RPGs

RPGs deals with alot of damage in Fortnite. You can easily destory bases or kill enemey with RPGs once you start using it.

5. Always Carry Explosives

If you want to become a pro make sure to carry explosives. It helps alot later in the game as it proceeds.

6. Keep your inventory layout same, Always!

Keeping your things the same place in your inventory in every game make you switch quickly and draw things out very quickly in critical situations. This will not only save your time but will save your life too alot of times.

7. Keep Calm

The last thing you should do to in battle royal game is to Panic. When you get Panic you cant make winning decisions. Your hands become shaky and you just can’t aim right to get enemy down!

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  • February 23, 2019 at 7:34 pm

    Thanks for creating this content I learned alot! Thanks!


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